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The Ultimate Thread about "Buckboards"


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I just thought I'd share What pics I've come across so far while researching my vehicle. I'm nor sure if they come under the tilte of trucks or cars seeing as they are converted from cars, but they have beds or trays on the back so I thought I might post them up in here.

Wiki - "A buckboard is a four-wheeled wagon of simple construction meant to be drawn by a horse or other large animal.<SUP id=cite_ref-0 class=reference>"</SUP>

The term "buckboard" is used for these vehicles in Australia, (I'm not sure about the states), and pre-dates factory built utilities or "utes" as they are known coloquially. It goes back to horse drawn vehicle days and I know with my original bed the construction used definately smacks of carriage design. It was cross-over technology I suppose.

The work done on my 1929 vehicle, despite its poor current state, seems very professionally done. I've seen other very similar examples and the hardware that they have utilised, so I am summising that by this time in Australia, there may have been companies that specialised in the customisation of vehicles.

This first pic is the vehicle use by Outback pioneering Presbyterian minister John Flynn who also set up the Flying Doctor service in Australia.


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1924 Buckboard - originally a tourer. This one was found and a dry creekbed and considered unrestorable. The Buckboard conversion was done at the time of restoration so I guess the rear of the tourer was beyond saving.


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That is GORGEOUS! I want it.

Isn't it just!!! See original post Keiser - I found another pic of the bed.

How much do you want it? Sold for AU$24 500. :D

I'd like mine to grow up that purdy one day. :)

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1921 DB

"Buckboards were made by replacing the rear of the body with a flat platform. These buckboards were a feauture of many Aussie farms well into the '60's. The particular car was owned by a fencing contractor, and was retired to the National Motor Museum in 1974. It has been kept in the same condition."


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Lets not forget that these vehicles are still very useful. How will you be using yours when it's up and running?


Well I won't be carting firewood in it!

She'll be used for rallying/touring. So I guess there will travel stuff piled in the back including my wheel chair cause I may be in one by the time she is roadworthy! :D

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hey I recognise that B/W tailgate earlier. Thats my 37.

Hi Paul.

Yes, I knew it belonged to somebody on here. I hope you don't mind! I think you put some other pics up but I can't remember what the thread was. I'd be interested in seeing other pics of your tray if you could point me in the right direction. I am really interested in seeing the front of the tray where it sits in behind the tub as your tray construcion from memory is very similar to mine and I am missing any front part on my tray.

Regards, Ross.

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