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1965 Corvair Sale/Trade- $2500

Guest ineedtosale

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Guest ineedtosale

1965 Corvair 500

95 hp, 2 carb, 6cyl

4 dr hardtop

Powerglide automatic

46,722.5 miles

I have owned this car for 3 years and it has been driven around 2000 miles in that time. The previous owners replaced the brake system entirely. Since I have owned it, I have replaced various engine electric components; voltage regulator, distributor cap, plug wires, ignition coil. I also had both carbs rebuilt and kept up with regular maintenance. The car runs but needs some attention paid to its valves to bring it back to spec. Also, it has gotten noisy and I suspect there is a hole in the exhaust.

The car was primed in black at some point though it's original color was beige. The interior is in good shape except some sun damage to the rear seat top. The gauges are functional, though it is the basic speedometer/gas gauge set up. The dash indicator lights still work well, even the gear shift lights. The high beam switch on the floor has stopped working.

I am looking to sell or trade. My personal interest, despite swearing to never do it again, is to find another mid-60's Beetle. Of course, anything interesting is on the list. (a right hand drive, perhaps...?)

The car is located in a storage yard in South Point, OH and I live in Huntington, WV across the river. If you're local, please post or email and I'd be glad to fire it up and take a ride. I am having trouble uploading pictures, I'll try posting them to my profile. I have several and can take plenty more, just send me a message.

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