Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

Reynolds Opel Vintage photo

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I found this vintage photo while cruisin da net.

Looks like the rear tires are smaller in diameter-

I guess for mileage, but better mileage from smaller tires?

Cool picture anyway!!!

See the 65 Riv behind, and maybe a 65 LeSabre rear.



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when i was a kid i new one of the body men at reynolds buick gmc and opel, he helped teach me the collision repair,fast forward 20 + tears when i bought my shop in covina calif i started doing there warranty and collision cust work,has always been a good dealership,in the sixties pete reynolds the owner was heavy into racing with the gsx cars, pete still owns it today but its managed by his son don, no more racing,the dealer still looked similiar until recently now is going under heavy facelift per g.m.,,,,just dave

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