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Please help me identify this motor


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I've been collecting parts to build myself a speedster. I mentioned to a friend that I was looking for a large capacity straight 6 engine, he came up with this for $50. I couldn't pass it up but I have no idea what it is. It was apparently running a pump when he found it.

Any ideas?











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From google search on Ferro engine

Old Marine Engine: Ferro

Ferro engine-s (and parts) for sale for Graham-Paige - PreWarCar

One complete 6 cylinder engine of a 1928/29 Graham Paige made by Ferro, complete with North East starter & generator, distributor, bellhousing, waterpump, fan and downdraught Tillotson carburetor on original manifold. Came out of a running 614 car approx 20 years ago. 288 C.I.D. capacity. Always dry-stored, looks and feels in good condition.
Looks a bit like yours with the that big casting about the flywheel / clutch Edited by 1939_buick (see edit history)
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The distributor is a later electronic one by the look of it so no help there. The starter has a very faded tag but shows it as a Remy starter, here is a pic.


The chassis in the background are a 29 Pontiac on top and a late 20s Oakland on the bottom. I'll snap a pic of them today.

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I'd agree with Layden and it being a Jewett, as I know they used Ferro engines, not sure about Paige, but possible.

These are a couple of photos from 20's Jewett brochures/books, that show similarities.

Photos came from here;

1923 1924 1925 ? Jewett 23-25 Owners Manual 1st Edition | eBay

1923 Jewett Prestige Brochure | eBay



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More links ex Google

Jewett was bought out the Graham brothers

Jewett (automobile) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Graham-Paige - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1927 Paige

First, the Jewett name was retired, and all cars were again Paige automobiles. This decision must have been made late in 1926, because the nearby January 1927 Ladies Home Journal ad mentions Paige-Jewett motor cars.

For Jewett this may be a good contact

Jewett Six Registry


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Another company that had Ferro do their castings for them was Pontiac, although for how long I don't know. Certainly the first year, 1926, as I have two of them.

The Specification Book for US cars 1920-1929 lists both Jewett (and the Paige 6-65 which is what the Jewett became after the name was dropped) and Pontiac as having their 'own' engines, which is why I think that Ferro only did the castings. The reason for this was that GM had limited foundry space. I am sure many small makers had no foundry at all - at least not for block casting. Graham had all of their engines built by Continental. As far as I know GM only began doing its own castings in 1924 so it would have have taken time to ramp up for all models.

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Probably: Ferro Machine & Foundry Co., Cleveland, OH

Seem to also make do marine engines

At lot of out sourcing on parts in that time


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