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Passenger Side Seat Belt Replacement

Guest Corvanti

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Guest Corvanti

my next project will probably be replacing the pass side seat belt. just the side that is nearest the door.

i have already purchased one from a poster/vendor here on the site last month, but got sidetracked with the new "fuel pump, etc." problems that came up. :(

are there any "shortcuts" to doing this? i've read pages 10-9-1 thru -4,in the manual. found nothing on "search" or other sites.

it was so much easier using ronnie's way of removing the crank balancer with the starter, i thought i'd ask... :)

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I recently sold a outside passenger side seat belt for $ 30 my normal price.

To replace it----

The long carpet retainer that starts at the seat belt and goes forward just lifts up as it snaps into place.

You will then see a Phillips screw holding the small rear carpet trim that goes under the seat belt. Remove it and also remove the Phillips screw that holds the cover over the seat belt assembly on the rocker panel.

In the rear of the car, remove the two screws holding the upper center luggage strap holder and pull the upper center panel away from the third brake light.

You will see a screw holding the upper right panel, remove it.

Remove the seat belt escutcheon plate and then pull the upper right side panel away from the car.

Open the pass through door and remove the three or four Phillips screws that are on the passenger side of the speaker panel.

Remove the two or three Phillips screws at the upper edge of the speaker panel and pull that panel away from the body.

You will then see the upper seat belt assembly and the lower seat belt assembly as well as the part on the rocker panel are held in with # 50 Torx bolts.

The '88-89 belts also have a cable that goes to a push pin on the door post. To remove this cable, remove the four screws holding the plate on the inside and then reach in and you will feel a knurled plastic nut. Unscrew the nut and it will come off the outer ring on the outside of the door post.

Some of the panels have Phillips screws holding a side and some sides have the rubber grommets and plastic pins holding the panel to the door. This is why you can pull the panels from the body on some sides of some panels.

Edited by Jim (see edit history)
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Jim outlined it pretty well, but if you have any questions during the installation, Im most always on the other end of my phone to offer on the spot tech support. Give me a call: 919.233.1973 and I'll walk you through it over the phone. :)

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Guest Corvanti

just got all the panels removed with no problems. sprayed the torx bolts with pb blaster, mainly because i wanted to take a break... :D

at least for my '89, the "speaker panel" has three phillips screws next to the pass-thru door, and two ph. screws at the upper edge...

the next thing to figure out is the cable that runs from the retractor to the plunger at the bottom rear of the door frame. i just took a quick look at the connection to the retractor, after popping off plastic cover, and ass-u-ming that it does come off and can be inserted in my "new" belt. is that correct?

and, "since i'm there", the right rear speaker has a bad bass "rumble" on deep notes. hoping it's just a loose screw - but kinda doubt it. might take a look-see, and go from there...

don't know if it'll help much since the panels are already off, but i can take some pics. in the manual, i've been using "figure 2" on page 10-9-3 as a guide.

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Jim, with your permission, I would like to use your instructions in a tutorial on my website.

If anyone has photos to contribute to the tutorial they would be helpful.

I edited the original instructions to add instructions on removing the cable that is found on the 88-89 belts.

Ronnie, you are always welcome to reprint any of my posts and you do not even have to ask permission.

Thank you for all you do to help out Reatta owneers.

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Thanks Jim. You have contributed a lot to the tutorials on my website and I appreciate your help.

Without the knowledge you and all the other members on this forum have made available to me, there would be no Reatta Owners Journal. I appreciate all the help I have received!

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Guest Corvanti

another success!!! :D

after spending most of the day on "chores", i got the seat belt and all panels, etc. installed this evening. works at it should.

thanks to Jim for "better instructions" than the manual. :)

Ronnie, i did take some pics. i'll load them on the 'puter and e-mail them to you, probably tomorrow, although i don't know if they will be much help...

onward to my next reatta "fix", after the obligatory "cold one" and admiring my work! :cool:

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