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wanted:1932 Packard Water pump pulley


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I should have asked you to send me a photo and measurements. I'm almost certain I have found the pulley you need, but there are some slight differences.

The photo of the waterpump and pully is from a 1931 Super Eight, so I suspect that the primer-gray pulley in the first photo is the correct one.

Still, I think I should have some specific measurements, since there are no numbers on these.



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We took the pulley to the water pump rebuilding place and it is repairable so I think we should let the one you found for someone else. I hate to take one for a spare and just let it sit. The grey primer one looks like my pulley.

Looks like someone along the line failed to install a washer under the nut that holds the pulley to the water pump shaft when they rebuilt the pump which caused excessive play leading to the damage.

Thanks for your help. Hopefully I be back on the road in about a week.

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Water pump with new pulley is back on car. Hope to fill with coolant tomorrow and take it to the Portland Transmission Show. Unique event that's free and draws in about 600 cars from 7 AM to noon.

So the pulley you found West will hopefully help someone else out one day.

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