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Charlotte Autofair traffic situation


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I know the Hornet's Nest people had no control over this, but trying to get into AutoFair yesterday morning made me pretty damn ill. I got to the Speedway a few minutes past 8 AM and the NC Highway Patrol had already closed off the main entrance, which forced the show car traffic to have to enter thru one of the vendor gates and then go thru the Green Field to get to the inside-track show areas. Sat in traffic from 0810 to 0930. Apparently NCHP hadn't told anyone they closed the gate early; the guys at the tunnel said they noticed nobody had come from that direction in some time. LMS staff at the vendor gate didn't have a clue about routing the showcar traffic either.<P>This was the most inept job of traffic control I've seen in 15 years of showing at AutoFair. Can anyone from Hornet's Nest address this?

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