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CCCA attire and merchandise?

Guest RayG

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Noticed in the Membership Meeting notes from Jan 6, 2012 that Aaron Weiss reported that costs to establish an on-line CCCA Store were prohibitive. Just as a matter of curiosity, has anyone talked with the AACA to determine if they would add a page to their on-line merchandise site to offer CCCA attire and merchandise?

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There are ways now to run an online store without costly merchant accounts like you needed even a few years ago. You can now use PayPal buttons that charge the same or close to what regular paypal transactions cost, you just add them next to the photo and description of the item you have for sale, make your own item numbers, you don't need a separate "store" account or specifically designed page. Here's a link to my artwork page where you can see exactly what I'm talking about. No, this isn't a subversive way to draw people in to my site, so please delete if this is inappropriate, but it demonstrates what I'm describing: MarrsCars.com

No credit card company sign-up fees or that stuff, technology is making online selling cheaper and easier all the time. Good luck to whomever this helps.

Edit: Oh yeah, I also use a very basic web design service called "website tonight" through GoDaddy which makes it even easier, you don't even need to know html (website programming code), and I built that entire site myself and do my own updates, I think I pay $5 a month. Long gone are the days of being suckered by merchant accounts.

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