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1933 Buick electric fuel pump


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I still have not located an original fuel pump for my 1933 Buick Series 60 so I am going back to using an electric fuel pump. Can someone recommend a couple of good 6 volt electric fuel pumps that don't draw a lot of voltage and work in the lower pressure range that might be best for this car?


email address is: pint4@new.rr.com

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Guest Grant Magrath

Got ours off eBay. Seems to go ok, although the main reason for getting it has been sorted now.



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Guest outlaw car man

Can't help much I run on originals, seem to work fine, I rebuilt one sometime back. 90 Series may be different from the 60 series anyway ?

Good luck- keep us posted.


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1932 and 1933 60, 80, 90 series fuel pumps are all the same. F series PN 856138.

My part manual on goes to 33 so I can't check for later compatibility.

In any case, I would put a regulator on with any electric fuel pump for the marvel carbs. The float systems are at best marginal and excess pressure will change the fuel level in the bowl, causing a rich fuel mixture.


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