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Stromberg 97 vs Stromberg EE-1 on 1935 Buick Model 41


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I have a 1935 Buick Model 41 that has a engine surge at a constant 45 mph. I took into the shop which said Carb is too lean. Had the EE-1 "rebuilt" but now is backfires thru the carb but has less of a surge. It seems to hesitate on accelatrating but with a constant gas pedal it will surge ahead like it caught it's breath. Mechanic says too lean a carb - not the timing. His idea.<BR>Me - I get tired of footing the mechanic bills with no results. Must be rocket science. Any ideas??? Where can I find either a NOS Stromberg EE-1 or a NOS Stromberg 97 that will fit my '35 Buick straight 8. Any help would be great. Lloyd <P>------------------<BR>

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