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Swapping 1991 Ignition Module for 1991

Guest semm

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I have read as much as I can but want to make sure. Can I just install a 1991 Reatta Delco Ignition system and coils packs onto a 1990 by simply replacing the 1990 Magnivox Ignition system? Any other issues?



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Worth pointing out the Delco setup has a mounting bracket and three special square head bolts that is required to hold the module and coil packs in place. With the Magnavox setup, the module is the bracket, as it has three threaded studs on it's bottom surface. If grabbing a used Delco setup compete from a salvage yard, make sure you get:

1) Mounting bracket w/3 bolts and nuts

2) Ignition Control Module

3) 3 coils packs and the 6 long screws to hold them onto the ICM

If you are buying all new parts, you'll need to get the bracket, bolts and 6 screws from a dealer parts department. I heavily suggest getting used, the Delco module is very reliable and MUCH cheaper used. A new AC Delco ICM alone is over $300 these days from any supplier I've looked at.


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Genuine Delco (Delphi) at that price? I am quite surprised. Best price I found locally in checking informally was around $290. That was an AC Delco marked package, not Delphi (though part should be one and the same), so wonder if the brand name (of all stupid things) made the difference. Will keep it in mind if I ever need one and can't find a good used one around.

I will say that for things I don't need immediately, I usually check your store. Unfortunately, sometimes its a "gotta be fixed today" situation and precludes going online.


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Thanks so much. By mistake, I bought a 1991 ICM off of ebay instead of a 1990. It was only $40. Sure beats that Magnovox crap with all that green goo. I will go to the junk yard and get those brackets and bolts I need. Thanks so much. steve

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