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Time to upgrade the 39 coupe's engine?

Guest Grant Magrath

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Guest Grant Magrath

Get him drunk maybe.......

Must be something to do with all the carbs on the other side of the engine. Or they bolted the exhaust on upside down!

Got the coupe going today after about 6 weeks of work. Gears shift really nice. No noise in 1st. It's a different car! And the steering! Smooth as silk compared to the rough feel with the old gears. You're only 3 1/2 hours away from a test drive you know! And as of August, a place to stay as well (new house) But you must love earthquakes though.



PS Sat night at home on the forum. I have no life!

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I grew up in California, so I am very familiar with earthquakes. I'll look you up if I ever get down under....

I would have liked to attend Dave's tour of Tazmania this year, but since I am still working..., it's not gonna happen. I'll wait until I retire and have more time to spend in your beautiful country and Aussie land...

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