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1941 Chrysler Crown Imperial.

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In 1950 I was 17years old and my brother had started his junk yard. There was a local dealership that would sell him cars that had sat on the "backlot" and this 1941 Crown Imperial was one of those cars. I recall it being in great condition and ran like a monster. It had onemajor fault, the hydraulic windows would not work. I took appart the drivers door and found that the hyd cylinder was corroded, so I lowered the window and left it that way. As long as it wasn't raining I'd put on a dealer plate and go crusing in that monster which had those 820X 15 tires.

Now my memory get a little fuzzy. I seem to recall this car having the column shift with 3 speeds, 1st, 2nd and high with tip toe shift in each position. I do remember that the later model Chryslers and DeSotos had 2 speed shifts with the tip toe shift. Is it possible that the1941 Crown Imperial did have the 3 speed shift?

I do recall my brother got awful mad at me the time I tried to spin the rear wheels in 1st gear and ended up breaking the weld that held the rear spring perchs to the axle housing and the differential ended up pointing up in the air at the floor.

Does anyone have any information about this Model car.Like how many were made and so forth. John

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