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Tire valve stem size to replace tube type

Joseph P. Indusi

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I plan to put tubeless tires on a 1948 Buick Special with the original wheels. I have done this before on a 1953 where I mounted bias ply tubeless 7.60 by 15 whitewalls. i seem to remember that the rubber valve stem diameter was larger than the standard rubber valve stem of about .45 inches. I believe the only other size rubber valve stem has a diameter of .625 inches. Does anyone know if this is what I should use?

Joe, BCA 33493

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I'm not conversant on the diameter in fractions of an inch, but in the auto parts stores around here, there are four types of rubber valve stems available: 1. Fat base and short stem; 2 Fat base and long stem; 3. Narrow base and short stem; 4. Narrow base and long stem.

I mostly work on Buicks from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and they almost always take the fat kind with a long stem, particularly if they have to stick up through a full wheel cover or a trim ring. Just look at the width of the hole in your wheel, and then look at the width of the available valve stems--it will be fairly obvious which ones will fit and which ones won't--you can judge it by sight if you look at the two types together.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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While on the topic, I am replacing the tires on my 55 Roadmaster and want to paint the wheels. Should I leave the valves on the wheels or will the shop mounting the new tires have suitable replacements?

Replacements have never been a problem locally. When you have the old tires dismounted to paint ask in case they have to order.


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