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1930s Fisk Safety-Flight tire video

Mark Huston

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Guest raprice

That was terrific! I wonder what happened to the Fisk company. Are they still in business or did another company take them over?


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Guest Bob Call

Fisk Tire Company of Chickopee, MA, was acquired by U. S. Rubber Company (now Uniroyal) in 1940. They still make tires under the Fisk name. Discount Tire Company is one retailer of Fisk tires.

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This is one of two photos of the car in the video and at the time owned by well known racing driver Cliff Bergere that we have up in a detailed post on

The Old Motor along with the video. Stop by The Old Motor where you see can more photos of the car and, and learn more about Bergere who started 16 times

at the Indy 500.

The Duesenberg is J198/2221 and started life as a Murphy disappearing top torpedo boat tail convertible coupe. It was modernized by a body shop in Southern

Calif. to the form you see here and in the video. It has survived and has since been restored back to its original configuration. Stop by The Old Motor to learn

much more about it. We also have 100's of original photos of Duesenbergs from the Fred Roe Collection.


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