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1973 LeSabre Custom

Mr Buick

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Hi,...... is there anyone that would be interested in a 1973 Buick LeSabre Custom?

Our neighbor lady is selling her brothers. He bought it new. It is a 4 door hardtop and has 19,000 original miles.

Needs a new battery and fresh gas,

and maybe some tires, other than that, get in and go! She is asking $4000.00 for the car. I am going to look

at it tomorrow and can get some pictures then if needed. Is it worth 4 grand? No rust on the car, maybe some

scaling underneath. But all in all I think it's pretty solid. Your thoughts?? John call me days at 715-743-8518 or email:

Thanks again!

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More info on the 73 LeSabre. I went to look at it last night and it is just like new! 18,165 original miles on the odometer! The interior is black and still smells like new! The tires are original, the trunk is like new, the engine glimmers! No rust! What more can I say!? Other than new tires, a new battery and some fresh gas,.....get in it and drive! Let me know if you want contact info. $3000.00 What a find! Thanks, John










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OK, Here's the deal guys,.....I work as a service advisor at our local Buick dealership and the "late" owner of this car always brought it to us for his maintenance, so I know the history of the LeSabre. Walt told me once, that upon his death, his sister was to try to sell the car, and if she was unsuccessful, she was suppose to crush the car. I don't know about you, but I would hate to see an 18,000 mile car crushed. Darlene (the sister) called me and said that Walt wanted her to call me to help sell his car, so this is why the ad. If anyone wants more information about the car, more photos or contact numbers, please email me at the address in the first post, or PM me. The car is 20 minutes from me and Darlene lives in Illinois. Thanks for your time. John

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Hi,...... is there anyone that would be interested in a 1973 Buick LeSabre Custom?

She is asking $4000.00 for the car.
Is it worth 4 grand?


It's worth $3000 to $5000. Recently there were 2 1960's Electra 4 doors with very low original mileage that either sold or were offered in the $8000 to $10,000 range.

Those were the top of the line Electras but were 4 doors. Your friend has a very nice original car. There are 2 primary markets.

1. The Buick fan, whether a BCA member or just a fan of original Buicks and

2. The "old school" low rider movement. They would wip out a wad of cash and then take it to the local wheel shop and thorw 20" chrome wheels on it.

I recommend patience.

If you are committed to helping on this car, a well sorted ebay auction will probably yield the highest price results. lots of photos, good description. BUT, placing an ad in the BUICK BUGLE will likely result in a sale that would result in an ownership change to a Buick fan that would transfer ownership to a longer period of cherished ownership.

A Bugle ad would take 6 weeks to get in, so that is why I say be patient. A process that ends in the best result might take 90 days.

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.

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