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Barter amount?

Guest Jerry Hunt

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Guest Jerry Hunt

As any of you that have read my previous posts know. I have no mechanical skills. I have found someone that I am going to trade out some screen printing (t-shirts and hats) which is my business for some mechanical work on my Reatta. The things that I am looking at are.

1-drivers side window. Goes down about 3 inches and then starts making a clicking sound and stops moving. Will go back up.

2- passenger window. Goes up and down but VERY slow.

3- Power antena for radio. I think it was left up when driven threw a car wash. Motor continuously runs but will not go back down.

Question is where do I go to get the correct parts if needed and any estimates on how much labor time each would take. This is the part that I am trading out.

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I would think that the labor to replace both window motors and the antenna would be about 2 1/2 hours. Cost of parts extra.

90 minutes on the first door to "learn" how to do it, 45 minutes for the second door and 15 minutes for the antenna.

BTW if the antenna doesn't go down it needs to be either repaired or replaced.

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For the drivers window you will need to replace the motor regulator as the teeth are most likely stripped on either the motor or the regulator. The motor is riveted to the regulator and there is a large coil spring involved and sort of dangerous when changing just the motor.

I have a good motor/regulator available.

Your passenger side window going up and down slowly is simply dry tracks. If your mechanic removes the door panel and then greases all the tracks that window should start working correctly.

There is a nylon band inside the antenna assembly and that band has broken. Barney Eaton barney@texas.net has a very good replacement band assembly and your unit can be repaired or I have good working used antenna assemblies.

I will send you a PM with prices.

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