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1925-1928 Kissel Model 6-55 Parts wanted

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You will never know if you never ask so I thought I would try my luck on the forum.

I am looking for engine parts for my 1927/28 Kissel model 6-55. The engine I have has been used as a parts engine to complete another restoration and as a result I have much to find. The Model 6-55 engines from 1925 through 1928 have many interchangeable parts which might increase my chances a little bit.

I am in need of the following parts if anyone has anything they wish to sell.

Lynite conrods, Tappets, Tappet engine cover, Waterpump, Generator, Generator mounting bracket and any other parts that might be available for sale.



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Lynite rods SHOULD NOT BE USED. Stutz, Dusenberg, Pierce Arrow, and others used them and they have a high failure rate back in the day...... 80 years later they are junk...... I recently passed on a DV32 Stutz due to the fact that the restoration shop / owner didn't replace them with a steel rod. There are way too many cars that have had holes punched through the side of the block to run them. Make new ones or find some other rod you can adapt. We used Packard rods on the Stutz in the shop now.

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Good to hear from you down under.

As you saw, I am restoring a 1923 Kissel Sedan with a Model 55 engine and it seems to have been equiped with a 1925 or 1926 oiling system, complete with drilled holes and copper oil lines to the bearings.

Anyway, my rods were shot so my mechanic is currently CASTING new connecting rods. if you want me to have him cast more and if 1923-1925 rods are the same, let me know ASAP.

Not cheap, but new! I am using aluminum, higher compression pistons, same as in my freshly overhauled 1923 Model 45.

Ron Hausmann P.E.

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