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New podcast featuring Studebaker historian Richard Quinn

Guest Gone Autos

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Guest Gone Autos

Studebaker fans,

Gone Autos, a web site devoted entirely to orphan cars, has published a new podcast featuring Studebaker uber-historian Richard Quinn. You can listen to it here: GA-007: Lew Minkel + Richard Quinn.

I asked Richard for an interview, because I have a metal-acetate recording of Marketing Vice-President Lew Minkel talking to Los Angeles-area Studebaker dealers about the 1962 model year. I always wanted to learn more about this time in Studebaker's history, so I asked Richard to give me some context and background. He was great, and...well, listen for yourself: GA-007: Lew Minkel + Richard Quinn

If you have an iPod, you can download the podcast through the Gone Autos iTunes Channel. It's available right now.

There's something in this podcast for everyone. For diehards, you get to hear the rich mellifluous tones of Richard Quinn calmly explaining what Studebaker was up to in '62.

For new fans, this podcast is a great way to get a snapshot of Studebaker at one particular point in its history. Richard knows the whole story, and he doesn't disappoint.

For everyone else, I spent a crazy amount of hours digitally restoring two 1962 Studebaker radio commercials. You'd have to be a total Luddite not to check out this podcast.

Enjoy it, Studey fans! And then tell me what you think! I'm ALWAYS interested in your feedback!!

----Todd Ruel

Top Wrench, Gone Autos: Tools for Living the Orphan Car Life

Gone Autos: Tools for Living the Orphan Car Life

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