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Martin Custom Tire Co. ?????


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Does anyone have information on the Martin Custom Tire Company, of N.Y. ?

The reason I ask is that I have 4 brand new looking Martin tires on my 1940 buick LTD (series 90L), and as MY research indicates, this company filed chapter 11 in May of 1938.

Now that is tough to explain, as according to the numbers guys, my car was built during the second week of September 1939 (which also explains the '39 looking door handles and trunk hinges, and body tag # 15).

So my question is, did the Martin company really go broke 16 months before my car was fitted with these tires ? And, can they really be the origional set ?

I show 4685 miles on the clock and the tires look like brand new. Can this really be true ? Since the previous owner has passed away, I am left with a mystery............

Mike in colorado


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They were made in the late 50's and 60's. I have a set on my Pierce. They are ok for static display, but should be changed if you plan to drive. Ed

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