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394 timing, need help!

Guest AndySweden

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Guest AndySweden


I'm rebuilding my first engine (oldsmobile 394 cui from 1960).

Bought an deluxe rebuild kit that also included new camshaft (from a starfire), timing chain and sprockets.

Now to the problem, I can't seem to get the marks on the sprockets to line up.

The cylinder #1 is in TDC and I know that the crank sprocket marking should be at 12 o clock while the cam sprocket marking should be at 6 o clock, right?

It doesn't mather how I install the sprockets, the marks will always have a little distance. I can't get the cam sprocket to get at exactly 6 o clock.

Is this how it is meant to be or have I done something wrong?

How much will this do for the timing, will the engine run correctly?

Maybe it has something to do with the swap to a starfire camshaft?

I also noticed that the marks on the old sprockets were bigger than on the new ones.

Pictures of the markings:


http://oi48.tinypic.com/rh66tv.jpg (red line where it's supposed to be??)


Andreas from Sweden

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