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1960s auto carpet questions and who makes it now??

Guest Darren N

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Guest Darren N

For the past four summers I've been working on a reproduction of the 1966 Batman Batboat in my back yard. Its very faithful to the original and, in short, I've done a lot of research and sort of know my stuff. smile.gif

Well... except for one or two things. lol

Can you help me out with info on a part that I need?

There is a part of the boat that may have been made of black or dark gray stock mid-1960s automotive carpet.

There used to be a site that offered it by the roll but I lost the bookmark during the winter break I took on working on the boat. The page detailed the type of loop used in nearly all domestic cars through the 1960s (loose strand looped?)

Anyone know the address to this site, if still around? I can't find it in Googles.

Also are there any other sources for this type of exact mid '60s reproduction carpet?

Does such a thing still exist or am I too late?? :P

I surely need one yard of black or dark gray and a few yards of the dark blue.

I don't know where else to ask but a classic auto forum. :(

Thank you in advance.


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