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Parts and Info - 1918 Buick Horseless Carriage

Guest augmont

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Guest augmont

My father-in-law has had a 1918 Buick Horseless Carriage (5-seater) for close to 20 years and has driven it less than 10 times.

Mechanically the car runs good (straight six I believe). We look to do some cosmetic repair such as replacing the canvas top, re polishing parts, etc.

Anyhow, our first ride out in years last week left us with blowing tires (34 x 4) so we are looking to replace at least two but if we can find a good deal, all four.

I've seen many places for replacement tires for BFG, Firestone, Lester, etc. and quite frankly i'm not sure the pro and cons for each. Price will be factor. Just like to know what and where you've purchased tires and parts so in can start getting resources.

Thanks a bunch.

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Guest Mochet

Most of these tires are made in Vietnam. The quality can vary, but they'll be an improvement over your old tires. Most tires come through Coker, Universal, and Lucas. Check them out, and choose from what they have. They can deliver to the big car shows to save on shipping. You're going to pay over about $1200 for a set plus tubes, flaps, etc.


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