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37 Zephyr transmission identification help...

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I have a 37 Zephyr that I am working on and need to find out if this is the original transmission or not? The car has had an engine change in its history at some time and I'm not sure if they changed the trans as well? Are there any identifying mark on a 37 Zephyr transmission? Here are a few pics... Thanks in advance for any direction in figuring this out.



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Take a wire brush and clean the area above the clutch inspection plate. There will be numbers/letters stamped there. This will help identify it. Numbers for a Lincoln Zephyr ( 1936-37) would range from "H1" to "H45529". Don't believe this is a Zephyr transmission but an early, pre '37 Ford.

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I have a 37 sedan I've listed locally on Craigslist. The V12 and 3spd tranny were already pulled when I bought it, but it's there with original patina. The V12/tranny combo however was not original to the sedan (numbers dont match). In fact I have a lot of extra spare parts for a 37, a little 38 stuff too.

Contemplating even selling my coupe that requires a total restoration. Work has me travelling too often with a still possible future relocation in the works to think of restoring 1 car much less 2.

Let me know if you need anything. Have a good contact for cross country transport also.


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