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Are these bulbs available?


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These should be available on-line from larger distributors like Mouser Electronics:

Mouser Electronics - Electronic Component Distributor

Their catalog shows a couple of 6.3 Volt bulbs (CM40 or CM46):


Mouser part numbers 560-1775 or 560-7320

Also Chicago Miniature Lamp lists some threaded base 6.0 and 6.3 Volt bulbs:


Mouser is a distributor for Chicago Miniature

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Might help if you had a ruler in the photo as there are a couple of miniature screw base sizes. I'm guessing that you have a T-3 1/4 bulb with a miniature screw base.

The two candidates I see for that in my 1970 GE Mazda miniature lamp guide are:

#40 (Radio Indicator) 6.3v, 0.15 amps, 0.52 CP

#46 (Radio Indicator) 6.3v, 0.25 amps, 0.90 CP

Were it me, I'd be looking for the #46 as it has the higher candlepower rating.

If you search for #46 lamp on Radio Shack's web site it turns up a bulb that looks right: 6.3V/250mA Incandescent Flashlight Bulb (2-Pack) : Flashlight Bulbs | RadioShack.com

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