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Crosley pix

Dave Mellor NJ

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Thanks for posting some interesting photos. The beach shot I have seen, there are a couple of versions. I think they rented the Hotshots to run on the beach and had several publicity photos or postcards available.

West, what part of the country did you see the Gasporter. A fair number have survived. I have heard of half dozen or so. Two have shown up to our Crosley Nationals over the years. There is one at an air museum in NY and a couple out West, etc.

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First of all, Dave, thanks for posting the Crosley Pictures. I had seen both of the first 2 before, but the third is a new one for me. Interestingly, I spoke to a guy at Charlotte this past weekend who claimed to have rented a Hotshot on the beach at Daytona in his younger days. West , thanks for the pictures from Jeff's basement. He has a real unique collection. I really was hoping to talk to you at Charlotte, sorry I missed you. Jim, do you know what happened to Henry Stetler's Gasporter after the auction last year?? Don, I think that Jeff Lane traded a Farm O Road he had for that pickup. I seem to remember him using it for a Christmas toy drive a few years ago.

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