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1957 Buick - Wheel well exterior color?


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I am going to start phase 3 of my frame off restoration, and I am trying to figure out if the spare tire well exterior (the visible part under the car) is painted body color or red oxide primer like the underside of the vehicle. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.



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Looking at it from a production stand point I can't believe the well would have been masked off and painted separately. Is it just me or the pix but that well seems to be hanging way too low. Maybe it's because the bumper is missing................Bob

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Thanks David.. I would think that it is primer, but if if sticks out under the trim, maybe body color. Getting ready to do the underside of the car and just trying to get the set up right. Looking forward to your findings.

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Hey Jim and Dan. Took some photos of my underside. This is with the gas tank removed. You can clearly see the original red/brown oxide primer where the tank was and the tire well is coated with the black undercoating. If you look closely you can see where the trunk pan over the tank area transitions into the tire well. The primer can be seen through the undercoating where when they applied the undercoating the tank would of been in the way. So yes, clearly the tire well is red/brown oxide primer from the factory. What they could not hit with the undercoating still clearly shows the primer. In fact the entire bottom of the car get red oxide primer then, if the car has been undercoated it gets under coating over that. But remember they undercoated with the muffler and tail pipes, gas tank and everything else already installed.




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