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AC pressures....


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My 90 coupe was converted to 134a refridgerant by PO and was showing 100psi-HI side and 20psi LOW side for pressures. Hooked up gauges and put in one 12oz can of 134a. That brought the pressures up to 195-high side and 38-low side. Resulting in 38°F @ idle @ 80°F ambient temperature. Does this seem to be in the ballpark for this 22 year old? Thanks.

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One thing is that after running for a while, the system temperature is going to rising unless the hood is open and there is A Lot of air moving (I use a big squirrel cage harvested from a central a/c refit) so the charts need to adjust.

In general, I use pressures to get close and then go by vent temp on max cool/high blower. Sounds like you are getting about a 42F drop which is OK.

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