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Windows No Go


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Neither the driver side or passenger side windows seem to have power to them.

I switched driver side switches between cars so I know that is not the problem.

I did NOT switch the passenger side out. Thought I'd wait to hear from you all before doing that.

Is there a dedicated fuse (I couldn't find it)?

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While I'm thinking 'bout it. The window on the driver side would only lower about 4 inches before a nasty ratcheting sound would commence.

I'm not planning on fixing this particular problem at this time, but think it might be pertinent information concerning the earlier question.

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Ignoring the ratcheting action at 4" lowered (driver side only), what would cause both windows to not now work at all?

A little more information as I remember it. I picked the car up from being inspected about 2 weeks ago. I picked on the mechanic because the driver side window was down the 4 inches. He couldn't get it to go up or down. Nor could I - the passenger side either. However, when monkeying around with other switches (door locks in particular) the windows began to work. I rolled them up and down (to the ratchet area) and back up.

This is the last time either window worked. Made me think it might be the switch or some other electrical issue. I'm having trouble wrapping my meager brain around the motors causing the "No Go" issue. Motors and the ratcheting makes sense though.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

There are internal cut offs for the motors to prevent damage. They stop the motor from working for a while. That is probably what is the problem is with them cutting out. To really check things out you need to remove the door panel and look inside anyway but 99% sure all you will need motors.

Power is supplied via a circuit breaker not a fuse, and it's doubtful all three switches would be bad.

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Guest Corvanti

loose/corroded ground wire(s)? (my stock answer). :D or a power wire in the door?

maybe the "jiggling" around of the door lock mechanism got it to make contact for awhile.

my driver's side window stopped working due to rivets breaking on the sash channel/glass. before my purchase of the vehicle, it did similar to what you've posted, but the next day the last of the rivets popped. motor is fine. repair of same is on my ever-growing repair list. :(

just "thinking out loud" here. someone much more knowledgeable in reattas should be along with a better answer. :)

edit: see, someone did while i was typing!

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