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Let's see your truck & trailer

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17 hours ago, Steve Braverman said:


I recently sold my 1999 Suburban. It was a 2WD with the 6.5 diesel. I bought it from an 80+ year old lady who ordered it new and never towed with it. She had a diesel Impala and loved it (she may be the only one), and when she went back to her Chevy dealer for a new diesel in '99, that's all they offered. She ordered it with the third row seat deleted and a bench in front. It was really a one of a kind. I loved it, but important stuff started to rust and fall off.


That makes two known 2 wheel drive Suburbans!    I joke,  but if you pay attention, at least in NE everybody orders them with the 4x4 except my old man.

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My aluminum Ford F350 with my aluminum Ford branded Livin' Lite camper with my aluminum EZHauler trailer with one of my AMC's inside.










Haven't towed with the new wheel and suspension updates yet...Timbrens, Billstein 5100's and a wider wheel combo.



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On 6/13/2021 at 7:54 PM, Trulyvintage said:

I recently had the sidewalls painted

a light gray to match the floor.










Nice trailer. First thing I did when I bought my trailer was to paint the walls white and seal the floor. 


Nice New Beetle. For it's size it is one HEAVY car. The one I have is the heaviest of all my VWs and gets the lowest MPGs. Then again at almost 3,000 pounds it's no wonder.

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We tow the Hupmobile one to three thousand miles over a period of a year.  I take it easy at 60/65 mph as I am retired.  The steel trailer and car weigh 5,000 pounds & I use an equalizer hitch giving a very smooth ride.  The car doesn’t leak when towed, even in torrential rains. 


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