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65 Riv Project Downunder - Interior Complete


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Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to advise that the interior is finished and I'm absolutely stoked with the quality of workmanship by Eastcoast Trimshop and the final look of the whole combination. The full leather job has a nice feel about it and smells nice too.

Just a few more details to complete like the radio and wood trim on the upper console.

Tomorrow we're off to GM Day and in early May hopefully the Buick Nationals in Tasmania for an 18 day tour.

Click here to see the progress shots.

Thanks for everyone who has helped with info I've requested. There are a few pieces that fit around the bottom of the seat I might need some help with but I'll take some pics and post them.

Kind regards,

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Guest Rob J

Damn, that is pretty nice. Looking great. Only thing I wish different was that they would of kept the original diamond pleat pattern of the custom interior seats. I bet that leather is comfy.

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