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57 buick special heater question

Guest Indrid Cold

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Guest Indrid Cold

Ok so my dad and I are nearing completion of a restoration project of his 57 buick special. As we had the top dash pad out i scratched my head in bewilderment and told him that the ducting inside was all messed up, hoses missing some deteriorated etc. At any rate I ripped out almost all the hoses and replaced them with new ones making sure they don't rub up against the windshield wiper pulley's etc. With many a cuss words I finally got them all in and clamped where applicable.

We tried the heater.. could hear it running but no air was blowing, after a couple minutes it dawned on me, "where is the blower?" Found it mounted on the firewall engine side, with no ducting going to the inlet to the heater core on the inside of the fender/firewall. Got a new one and connected that...

Now heres the fun part! The defrosters work, BUT the heater vents don't. I tracked it down to the butterfly control valves. The cables themselves aren't stuck and slide easily, one pulls a lever that pivots and actuates the top butterfly valve for the defrost but does not move the lower oblong one for the heater vents. While the other cable "heater" seems to actuate a diaphram on the firewall.

Now I wonder has the lever that pivots and actuates the round defrost also the same lever that actuates the lower heater oblong butterfly valve and the guy that worked on it previously just installed it wrong? If I reach my hand down the oblong the I can force open the valve just slightly with the tips of my finger but it snaps shut again. If anyone can show me a picture of that lever actuator that works properly I would be much obliged.

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