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My 1st TC I need some parts and tips

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I just sold a reatta and picked up a 91 tc with 85,000.

It needs a radio and speakers, cv joint and some minor cosmetic stuff.

Does anyone have stock radio and speakers to sell me?

The slave cd player is there so stock radio and infinity speakers and grills would be awesome.

Also advance auto doesnt sell a cv axel for a tc but they have one for a 91 Lebanon vert with 3.0. Isn't that the same part?

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For V-6 models the Cardon A-1 CV axle is available at Autozone or O'Reilly's for $79 to $99 depending on your area. I just put one in my daughter's 91. Remember it is VERY important that you use the tone ring from the TC, otherwise you will destroy the ABS sensor.

If your yellow ABS stays on, usually it is one of the ABS wheel speed sensors. At the very worst if your ABS computer behind the passenger side kick panel has gotten wet, that may need to be replaced.

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To remove the tone ring you just need a thin screw driver and tap it off. Keep on going around the ring so it does not bind. Both just slide off and on.

Your PPG paint code is on the underside of the hood, just above the ABS system.

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It looks like the hood on my car was replaced or repainted.

It is a bad color match and appears to be single stage as the rest of the car has a clear coat.

The emissions decal is on the cowel but I saw no decal with paint code.

An observation I made under the hood. The ignition wires say Sumotomo 1989.

That's not the year the wires were produced is it? They are in remarkably great shape. Makes no cents, the car is a 91.

Lots of hail damage on this pig. I will learn painless dent repair on it.

All the TC's had 2 stage paint, basecoat and then clearcoat. Make sure they look under Maserati for the paint because U.S. Chrysler colors are close but different enough to be easily noticed.
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Guest Lee_M

which interior does your yellow TC have?

i think i have these items in both ginger and black. actually i should ask: which speaker grills do you need? the ones in the doors, behind seats, or the tweeters in the dash?

i have the radio as well.

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I have the black interior.

I need door speaker grills only.

It looks like I am going aftermarket radio because the harness was hacked pretty bad and there is new speaker wires pulled to the doors.

I'll pm you a list of my needs.

List of stuff I'm doing:

Front and read brakes pads n rotors

Both front axels

Plugs and wires, cap and rotor look new

Fuel filter and clean injectors.

Valve cover gasket

All fluid changes



Interior needs

gauge cluster bezel leather

Passenger side horizontal leather piece

Metal ash tray and cig lighter assembly

Driver side floor mat

Pass side door lock inopp repair.

Install all new speakers to replace missing and new aftermarket radio.

I have hard top port window fogging so I am going to fix that.

Btw. I noticed new bAttery keeps dyeing

I'm at 85,000 miles. When should the timing belt be done? I understand it is non interference engine and I only use it around town so no big thing if it goes right?

What is typical place to start looking for the draw? I was thinking cruise control or power antenna motor. Any ideas?

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Sorry I haven't started the interior yet. I just pm- Ed you back on what my limited budget can afford for now.

franc i sent a reply about parts to you in black and got no response. i have the radio bezel, dash part, cluster hood, center dash vents and door speaker covers
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I have a 1991 3.0.

Ok so far I did:

both valve cover gaskets


Battery and terminals

Plugs, wires cap n rotor

Oil change

Fuel filter

Both front axels

All 4 pads n rotors.

Runs good n smooth but brakes are kind of spongy.

Is there a special procedure to bleed the brakes? I remember there was on my 90 reatta with teves system and this one looks similar.

Also, is there a procedure to removing the hard top without breaking anything? I had the car apart a couple weeks and never tried to remove hard top yet but now she's ready to cruise.

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