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Project cars: Durant, Ford T, parts ID needed


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Finally got the 29 Durant coupe in the garage. Interesting doing research and assembly of these. The Durant came with boxes of parts and here are some that I have no idea where they go, anybody have any ideas??? I tried posting the photo on the Durant site but no luck .???




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The two, flat, thin metal pieces on the right, with small nail holes, look like body, sheet metal that is tacked to the wooden frame work of the Durant. I have similar pieces that are tacked to the wooden frame, inside the doors, (rear door jambs), on my Chrysler CJ. I just looked at them and wondered if I should remove them and paint under them.

The window shade brackets are valuable. A pair sold on U Pay, (EBay), not long ago for, like, 60.00. I think they were for a Plymouth.

Good luck and NICE Durant!!

Bill H

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