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Hello all from Charlotte NC. The Board has been on a retreat down here since Wednesday. We have been brainstorming together to better serve our members.

Speaking of serving our members, while scoring newsletters I have noticed that a few newsletters do not have contact information for your region/chapter. I even had to go to a regional web site just to find a phone number to alert one region of this shortcoming. You never know when someone may miss your annual meet or other activity because they could not find out more information about you. Please also add an area code too. We don't all live in Millers Tavern, or even on the east coast!:)

One other item I'd like to mention, please be sure to add a "tag line" or credit line to any commercial type photos or cartoons that you may publish. The NAAP scoring committee has been advised that this is a serious issue in this day and time.

We do not need to overwork our lawyer, who is on retainer. He does not work as cheap as we do!:D

Looking forward to reading and scoring more newsletters. You are a BIG asset to your club.


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