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Paul Falabella

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Is the switch still on the Carb? And do you have a Service Manual for the car?

If so I'd read the section on how to clean, assemble and time the switch, then decide if you want to tackle the project.

Just to give you a synopsis, the switch parts would be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, and re-assembled and mounted, then tested to make sure the switch makes contact at a certain throttle opening. There is a top and bottom to the switch and you need to remount the switch right side up in order for it to break contact after the engine has started.

Use no lubricant on the switch innards.

It's not really hard, and the manual should give a good description of how it works.

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If the starter switch is still on the carb., and it probably is, just hook up the wires and give it a try--may not even have to clean or rebuild the switch. The two wires to the push-button starter are the ones that should be hooked up to the two terminals on the carb. starter switch. Disconnect the battery before you fool with any of the wiring, though.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7383

Leonard, TX

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