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Radiator hood ornament

Guest chanty75

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Well - I know I've seen it in a book before, but for the life of me I can't find it - I even looked thru a few tractor reproduction catalogs with no luck. If you go into the IHC (International Harvester) section you may find someone there that knows tractors better than I do.

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Hello Cathy, I'm not sure if you had your question answered or not, but you have a 1935-1937 Oliver 70 tractor radiator cap. Usually most people dont have them on the tractors at tractor shows anymore because they're kind of rare, and mainly because people are prone to swipe them. I've got a 1936 Oliver 70, mine has one of the caps but im sure mine isn't original. If you ever want to sell yours I'd be more than interested. Thanks you, Carl Scott.

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