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My friend has a '57 chevy with MANUAL STEERING. He wishes to install POWER STEERING. When he goes to the salvage yard to look for a PUMP,Bracket/and steering gear box ---what year vehicle and model should he be looking for???

Someone suggested a 66 Chevelle??? but I am sure someone out there with the correct knowledge can offer a more precise answer!!! I told him about this site and offered to ask for him----- since he is not computer literate at all.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

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There are several street rod vendors who sell the needed items. Most seem to use the GM 605 power steering box. Check "Street Rodder" magazine for the ads.

The original power steering units were MUCH bulkier and less integrated than the later systems many are used to seeing. In some of the pre-'55 units, it was THE WHOLE STEERING COLUMN!

The GM 605 box is one of the smaller and possibly lighter-duty power steering gears which GM has produced over the years, IIRC.



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