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1955 Nash Ambassador Custom Country Club 2 door hardtop. The ultimate Auto sculpture by Italian designer Pinin Farina s/n#V11227, MODEL #5587-2, Body#2683, original paint was 71/69 special ( I have the original tag/paint code found under glove box) Just in time for a Spring cruise. I’ve been a member of the Nash Club of America since 2005. It will be advertised in that club and locally as well. (I have some history on the car, but very little) I have invested well over double my conservative ask price. That’s the way with cars..lol. Garaged. Driven regular. RARE, RARE, RARE . I clearly over describe/long winded items telling all the details, and often make great stuff sound “beat” This is an OLD car, drives like an old car, BUT is so cool and fun to own and drive, you will NOT be disappointed. It is not “beat”. Some changes in my life have me offering this rare car for sale. It will be sadly missed/if sold, but I truly believe someone else can take over the fun I’ve enjoyed and have it enrich their life as it has mine. I share my toys. BIG brother to the Metropolitan Nashes. Don’t mistake this for a 4 door -6 cylinder bare bones. Top of the line Baby. No A/C or power windows but top shelf all the way o/wise. Interior (many years ago, now is worn) has been redone with vinyl,( original WAS white leather) and what was once a green fabric that has sun faded to purple!! Of course the seats fold down into a bed, and it comes with original (3) roll out Nash bed mattresses. Headliner is original and rough. Solid/ mainly all original floor is rubber mat covered inside, no carpet. Dual exhaust, and it RUMBLES and runs well. Lots of BALLS. It has a slight knock under load (maybe a wrist pin?) but o/wise is a strong runner. Rad is a complete rebuild. This car has had LOTS of TLC ( and $$ invested) in the 6 years I’ve owned it, always garaged/ run quite regular/No rain/dry weather/no snow. It really is a driver. Not sure I’d take it cross country though. Not a trailer queen. More details: Late Spring ( mid year) RARE factory addition in 1955, a 4 layer look 2 tone paint with stainless trim, Original Packard 320 JETFIRE( 208 h.p.) overhead valve V8 Motor and Twin Ultramatic automatic transmission, power steering, Airliner reclining seats, Twin travel beds (3), Unit Body (SINGLE UNIT ALL WELDED STRUCTURE) Construction, invisible gas cap, ( behind rear tail light) Scena-Ramic window ( widest for '55 front and rear) Deep Coil Springs, Continental rear tire kit, Plastic tinted sun visors, cigarette lighter, rear seat arm rest, Rubber crash front dash, roomy widest seat ever built into an auto at 65 inches of hip room, and more room overall than any other auto up to 1955, Low mileage/like new ( Coker repro’s..see it on their Website) Firestone Deluxe Champion wide whitewalls/spare, full chrome wheel discs. Newer brakes, tune up. (dual points) TONS of extra parts. SPARE- NOS clear windshield. lots of literature. 2 used front fenders,grille, hood, front bumper, conti kit shroud) Repro roll of seat fabric, (correct hounds tooth fabric) enough for interior. ( needs white vinyl or leather, windlace etc) 62,509 miles. ( may be original?) Extensive all new suspension/front end parts ( trunions etc.) work in 2005, Transmission serviced/ removed, and all new seals in 2007. My suspension was totally shot when I bought the car. This car was hit, or hit something ( passenger side) MANY years ago, but was repaired well. The lower door trim on that side has been pieced together ( as in couldn’t find a doner/parts) but looks fine for a driver. The body is VERY straight and solid. The paint was redone nicely before I bought it in a salmon/peach/cream, where as the original color was more a tan / Palomino Brown&Snowberry white. (I have the color chips for NASH/HUDSON 1955). There were a couple of patches welded on the front floor corners ( VERY common rust area on these cars), and there is a bit of rust bubbling under the paint both sides dog legs by wheel, and a few small bubbles upper fender, but over all, solid, mostly rust free. New battery last year and a generator rebuild. Plating is pitted on grille/flying nude lady mascot, bit of blistering on bumpers and the rear bumper is bent along the bottom edges.( some silver paint touch up) The previous owner converted it from 6 volt to 12 volt. Therefore the radio, and clock don't work. ( no antenna) My heater fan fried as well, but no big deal. I don't drive it in Winter. I did the valve cover gaskets/painted /detailed a few things last year. It is not a show car, just a nice driver. It has won awards and been featured in the local ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:place>Winnipeg</ST1:place></st1:City> newspaper. Perhaps someone else will take it to the next level, or just enjoy it as it is. Either way, it is a piece of history that will always draw fascination and attention. The inboard headlights are so unique, the pontoon like fenders/swept back roof line!! The original windshield would have been tinted, and it currently has a used replaced decent clear example. ( few stone chip repairs and some sandblast effect, but overall good) As mentioned, it comes with a boxed NOS front windshield, and all 3 tinted( used) rear glass plates. This old girl drips a wee bit of trans fluid and coolant. Nothing serious. There is a bit of “blow by” from the PCV tube below the motor, but virtually nothing out the exhaust, and very little oil usage. I just had the engine block frost plugs replaced ( ok, for those who don’t know, they are metal plugs friction fitted into the block, so if low temperatures/freezing expands the coolant, they pop out, instead of the engine block cracking.) That was my drip of coolant/maybe not? This is just a NEAT old car. One you just don’t see. I know of only ONE other one in existence. See the Nash Club pics. Mine is the ONLY one. The rake/ish look, no door post/ LONG streamlined body is just flat out awesome. With the vent windows open, and front and rear side windows down, it looks and breathes WILD!!! Note: bullet holes are a magnetic removable joke that peel off easy. I have many pictures of this car, from all the suspension work/underside, engine compartment, so just ask for more pictures and I’ll be happy to email them. $10,000 obo 1-204-257-1318











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