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Guest dminer

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Guest dminer

There's an ad in one of our local papers. Caught my eye due to the three complete Corvairs for $1000 for all 3, but alas, nothing for ours.

He's located here in PA about 25 miles south of Williamsport and has 75 cars he's trying to get rid of cheap that are not 'junkyard' cars.

Others listed:61,62,63 Galaxies-$1000; six Pontiacs 51-56-$6000.

Those prices are for all six Pontiacs and all 3 Galaxies. He basically said, 'what are you looking for', so he knows what's there.

I called less than an hour ago and he answered on 3rd ring, so it's not too late yet. He's a fast talker (reminded me of a Seinfeld episode character).


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