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wiring diagram fro brake-turn signal


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Would someone send, post or describe how to wire in rear, bumper mounted lights - dual brake and turn. A single wire is in, how do I splice, land, whatever the turn signal to the brake?

Thanks in advance. Tom

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First do you have a 7 wire signal light switch?

you will have two wires going to the two back stop lights one left one right.

next one wire to the stop light switch, the original terminal that went to stop light.

two wires for the front signal lights.

one wire from flasher to signal light switch

one wire from flasher to indicator light.

the flasher will be a three terminal type one power in, one power out to switch, one to indicator light.


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Guest shadetree77

You also need to make absolutely sure that your lights are grounded. On my '52 Buick, the whole system grounds to each light housing individually. If even one of the lights doesn't have a good ground, it will cause the entire system not to function.

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