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Schebler Model D Carburetor

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For someone who is parting out a 1912 Autobuggy, the following is probably self-evident; but for those of us who just have carburetors, the following would be useful:

The Schebler model D was produced in at least 7 different physical sizes.

Most of each of the 7 physical sizes were produced with either a mounting flange or a pipe thread.

Most of each of the 7 physical sizes with either mounting flange or pipe thread were produced with (A) a throttle butterfly, (B) a throttle "gate valve", or © no throttle. Those of type C had the throttle control mounted in the intake manifold.


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The carb has a mounting flange and a choke but I think that the throttle may be in the intake which would make it a Model C (?). I am not where the car is at the moment but will have to check it when I return. If you send me your email address I can send you a picture of it.



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