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A garage(s) you might not believe!!2

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I love this idea. The difference between these folks and the guy with the giant elevator is that these people are true car lovers where it appears the elevator guy merely is a collector. He seems to only be interested in saying "I have..." This is much like what I saw when Harleys became a status symbol a few years ago. You had 2 distinct groups. Those that say "I have a Harley" (usually with few miles) and those that say "I ride a Harley" (like mine, always dirty, many miles and well loved) To each their own, but I think the fun is in driving my cars, sharing the experience they provide and not so much in trying to impress strangers with materialistic priorities.

A community that caters to car folks is a big slap in the face to virtually all HOAs that I have ever experienced who seem to be anti-individuality in all forms. If my finances would support a place like that, I'd be there. Having and entire neighborhood dedicated to people with similar interests is BRILLIANT! This is a concept I can see being popular in many places. Good on him!

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Initially it seems like a good idea but I'd like to see the "rules" or limitations on what work can be done there. Sandblasting ? painting? plating? machining? or just drinking wine?

From what I understand, they can do most anything within reason keeping in mind it is residential and not commercial. Painting could be regulated by the municipalities and make you install appropriate equipment (booth, fire suppression, etc) Plating would be severely regulated. If all this was by a "hobbyist" and only painting/plating small parts in small quantities, they may not have any specific rules. But like other great ideas, they get ruined by HOAs, gubment regulations and the like.

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Guest Mochet

I didn't see many amateur mechanics in that video, but my idea would be to add a professional down-draft paint booth and other restoration-related equipment the members could share. Well, maybe that and a bar...


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