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1992 Town Car Master Cylinder Reservoir


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Unable to locate anywhere the Master Cylinder brake fluid reservoir cap for the 1992 Lincoln Towncar. None at the dealer and none of the aftermarket places like NAPA, AZ, O'Reilly's, etc, carry the cap used with the ABS, the difference being with the ABS there is a connector attached to the plastic cap itself for connecting to some wires that lead into the firewall. Finding it extremely fustrating that this simple part is not readily available. I've been all over the internet. Note: was able to locate a used cap from Lincoln Farm but still unable to locate a NEW cap or the plastic fluid RESERVOIR.

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That's where we got the cap from; guess that's the only answer for the reservior as well. It is ONLY with ABS that is the problem; w/o ABS readily available. The '92 is different than the '95 and '96. But something as important as retaining brake fluid, I'm having much difficulty "adjusting" to no aftermarket available.

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