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63 Radiator overflow tank?


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It's sort of a tight space right up against the battery. The shape sort of dictates a narrow canister type rather than the fuller, square shaped ones you see on later model cars. My goal is to tuck one along the radiator where it can barely be seen. Mr. Gasket makes one that is 3"in diameter by 9" in length...about like a can of spray paint...sold through Summit. It is a neat set up with a pressure return and correct cap. It's stainless, not too flashy. I think I'll try it. Stay tuned. Thx PRL

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I put a basic plastic bottle on my '63 to the outside of the battery, kind of half under the fender.


It came from the store in a milky white color. I sprayed it flat black and it disappears under the hood.

I have had people come up to me at a show and say "you really should add an overflow bottle to your car". They don't see it.

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Because the windshield washers do not work on my 65 Riv, I used a piece of rubber hose that fits the washer bottle cap and ran it behind the area where the inner fender meets the fender thus hiding it. This tubing will squeeze into the overflow hose from the radiator and adding a radiator cap from a 70's or later GM car that had an overflow bottle works great! The connection between the two hoses is hidden between the battery and the radiator core support. Just an idea!

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