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1971-1973 Riviera - NOS Outer Door Handle


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This is NOT a link to someone else's part, this is .....

My Personal Listing

The auction ends Thursday the 19th at 10 PM EST.

(1) GM NOS left hand (drivers side) outer door handle.

Part number on the handle is 9834745.

I believe this part number must have been superseded by part number 9835145, as that is what is what is on the label on the box.

This handle also fits :

1971 - 1978 Oldsmobile Toronado.

This is a brand new NOS part that has NEVER been mounted on car.

It still has a protective layer of plastic on the backside surface.

You will also see there is a new gasket included as well.

Functions as new.

In the interest of full disclosure ... I wouldn't say it is 100% flawless upon close inspection.

However, the imperfections in it are very MINOR in nature.

Being that they are very minor ... they are very difficult to photograph.

In the last of the (3) pics .....

I drew a green oval around the worst of these imperfections.

Again, they are very minor so they are tough to see.

Note :

In some of the pics that show the "pivot" area of the handle ...

There is what might look like rust deep down in the crevices.

I can assure you that it is definitely NOT rust.

That is actually a reddish-brown grease you are seeing.

Pics :

63b2cf01484a61b245b0_1.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_2.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_3.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_4.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_5.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_6.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_7.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_8.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_9.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_10.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_11.jpg 63b2cf01484a61b245b0_12.jpg

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