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Buick door question

Guest dlw

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Hi, the "what is it forum" sent me here. They thought that the doors are Buick years 24-27. The door dimension is draw and the windshield is rectangular 15-1/2" X 43-1/2". Does anyone have an idea of the exact year and model? I have two doors and two sets of window panels plus the windshield. Thanks Dave






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This is the same measure as I have on my 1925 Standard model 25 (touring),But 1926 and 1927 Std.looks very close too,but all has different parts number.If the windshield glass is devided it`s 1925 or 1926 but if it`s a 1 piece windshield glass it`s 1927.

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Did send an E-Mail about availability. Mine do not have the door pockets. And I would like to reproduce them and some of my door hardware is wrong. We had an inquiery on the forum two months or so ago about a similar situation. Probably a 1922-23 mode 35 showing one rear door, some of the glass pannels, a set of top bows and a foot rest. Seems like in the 1930s these mid west farmers liked to cut down these old touring cars into pick up trucks and stashed the left over parts in the barn. It would have been great if you also found the top bows and irons. That is because my 1925-25 has a cut down top from probably a earlier model 45. (Has an oval back window). I would really like to find a correct set. The other iquirery also had the glass panel type side windows instead of the side curtains. Not very desirable when restoring a touring car. These were made I believe for the 25A enclosed touring. The factory photos still show the open car type windshield instead of the windshield you have.

Larry DiBarry

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Guest Phil Cordery

Having difficulty with opening the Dimension drawing others are fine, I have a 1925-6 Master 6 with rear door at 23" across top, 21" long side, 11" short side & 17" across the bottom, I have faded dark Green paint probably origional, my car has a fixed soft top or california top, Known as an Enclosed Touring I think,. I am removing the top & installing a drophead frame, so I end up withn a full open tourer, So could probably use the 4 sidescreens if the measurements tally also need a set of Top Irons & a speedo cable,

have enclosed a couple of pics of my Resto Buick,



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The Model 45 master is a good deal larger than the standards. And the 2 side and quarter windows would not fit. Even so they would be for the enclosed Standard touring. Anyone I have asked is doing the same as you. Turning them into a collapsable top touring car.

Good luck with your restoration. And keep us posted.


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