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What year is this hubcap? Anyone need it?

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This hubcap came with a recently acquired 1948 Pontiac project Woodie. I know it is not for 1948, but don't know what year it is for.

Any help would be appreciated.

I obviously don't need it, so if anybody out there does, contact me. It has a very nice shine, a few very minor scuffs that would probably polish out, and a couple of very small dimples. The back is nice and clean, no visible rust.

I can post a picture of the back if needed.

Thanks, Mike mikesoldecars@yahoo.com


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The hubcap is 1947 & -- I believe was also used in 1948.

The 47-48 cap has the Indian head in the center and no script. 49-50 are what your looking at and they are close, if not identical. What is needed is a picture taken at a 45 degree angle to confirm because we need to see the height.

Here is a picture of a 48; http://www.strangecosmos.com/images/content/167997.jpg

Here is another shot of the 48, note this cap is over the beauty trim ring-two separate pieces, also note how much flatter this cap is from the 49-50 cap ( that's why we need a 45 degree shot of your cap to put it in perspective;


here is a 49 and a fifty;http://ogden.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/marketplace/businesses/images/2009/11/04/100_4182_t670.JPG?b3f6a5d7692ccc373d56e40cf708e3fa67d9af9d

You will also understand that these caps will interchange and you will find many cars out there (even show cars) that have incorrect for the year hub caps such as this beautiful 49 sedan delivery with 51 hub caps;


Here is another example of a beautiful 1952 sedan delivery that looks perfectly stock. Look close 1949-50 hub caps and a 1950 Indian hood ornament ! http://www.oregonhotrod.com/images/52%20Pontiac%20Delivery.jpg


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