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Reatta compatible vehicles?


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I occasionally view discussions, on this forum, about other GM models that share parts with our Reattas. I believe this would expand the pick a part possibilities. Sure would be nice to compile a list, of sorts, that would share this info with a dummy like me. Anyone willing to start the list/table?

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Ok, I will make a starting effort at this.

Component interchange to 19888/89 Reatta from 1988/89 Riviera:

ECM *ECM same for both years, but Calpak differs by year, and must be swapped in

BCM *PROMs differ by year, and must be swapped in for proper operation


HVAC programmer



CRT/touchscreen assy.

Window/mirror/seat switches

Headlamp switch (Rivi headlamp pod has extra slider for Twilight Sentinel but will work)

Wiper switch

Shifter and gear indicator

EL backlighting inverters

Most interior trim & components for dash, console and seats


Radio modules


Seatbelts (excepting color differences)

Glovebox (excepting color differences)

Compass module [from Rivi can be installed and CRTC reprogrammed to display compass]

Mechanical/drivetrain parts:

Engine and Transmission complete (exhaust is pipe different)

Engine accessories (alternator, A/C compressor, PS pump, air cleaner, etc.)

ABS system (ABS was optional on Rivi, many have non-ABS brakes)

Other brake components (ABS wheel speed sensors, calipers,)

Most front suspension components

Wheels (styles are different from those offered on Reatta)

Spare tire/jack

Fuel tank (filler neck is different)

I will stop there for now. I'll plan on doing a 90 & 91 list unless someone else beats me to it. Could also do a list for other E platform cars but there is not nearly as much from those that will interchange except for mechanical & drivetrain parts.


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'92 and '93 Rivs are pretty much the same as '90 and '91 Rivs. Though in '93 the red interior color became ruby red (79I) instead of garnet red (78I). So if a '90 Reatta owner wants a red console lid w/cupholder, you need to look for a '91 or '92. They are fairly close, but ruby red is a little more 'purple' than garnet red. Also slate gray (15I) was dropped for light gray (14I) in '92 and '93. Likewise, a proper gray console lid would have to come from a '91.

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