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More '25 touring side curtains

Pete K.

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I've posted more photo's of the curtains I'm pulling out. I think I found the set that goes to my '25 Touring. Some of the Isinglass is broken out, but they are pliable curtains. They are marked on the inside, with black stenciled lettering as to the placement of each curtain, Left front, right rear, left center, etc... The top boot is also among the set, That seems to be in the best condition, possibly an old copy? The only marking on it is the zipper that reads "SWIFT". Another set of side curtains is shown, the set with most all the Isinglass missing. I don't know much about them, no inside stenciling either on those. There are more boxes of old side curtains that yet have to be gone through. Unfortunately, I see NO steel rods for any of the sets. Does anyone have the correct rods they can post?? Thanks for looking, Pete.

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